Hyve Smartphones - Stock Android Smartphones

There is no “i” in Hyve.

Named after the structure that inspired the founders, Hyve has been carefully crafted to harness the power of collective thinking and wield it to everyone's benefit.

A team forged from committed doers across all work profiles, Hyve is where simplicity meets artistry. This is where you have the pure, uncompromised power of Stock Android housed in two phones that marry form and function perfectly.

At Hyve, we believe in crushing clich's, which is why we won't say that we want to provide ‘Customer Delight’. Instead, we'll go out there and deliver it. From our buying process to the actual user experience of the phone, we're striving to give you an experience that will, delight you. And like you'd expect from a Hyve, we're going to sweeten the deal like nobody has done before - with Hyve Care™. Simply put, this is a revolutionary new warranty that offers not only extended manufacturer's warranties and hassle-free insurance, but also pick up and drop service across India!

So welcome to the buzz. We promise to keep taking you by storm.

Aditya Agarwal

One half of the team that built one of the nation's fastest growing computer dealerships, Aditya is the very personification of a gearhead. A pianist who has an album release to his credit, Aditya is a technophile who has an unmatched eye and ear for both quality and detail - just ask the design teams on Buzz and Storm that he ‘pushed’ onwards. An uncompromising connoisseur of new technology for whom excellence comes before expense, he drives design at Hyve in a direction that will soon have the country buzzing for more.

Abhishek Agarwal

An easygoing perfectionist (yes, there can be such a thing), Abhishek honed his business acumen while building one of India's leading computer dealerships. As adept as crunching his way through numbers as he is munching his way through cuisines, Abhishek runs Operations & Finance and believes that for knowledge to truly spread, it must be taught from the bottom up. That is why he works hands-on with his team at Hyve, driving our vision on.