Hyve Smartphones - Type-C Cable
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Type-C cable Any side is the right side.

Hyve's new USB 2.0 Type-C Charge & Sync Cable is a reversible cable perfect for both charging and data transfer. It uses Sync-N-Go technology to deliver optimised power efficiency while minimising waiting time and is compatible with tablets and smartphones.

  • 1New, C-Type Reversible Connector
  • 2USB Type-C Cable for charging and data transfer
  • 3Syn-N-Go technology minimises wait time and optimises power usage
  • 4Super quick data transfer @480Mbps
  • 5Compatible with existing 2.0 software stacks and devices
  • 1USB 2.0 Type-C Cable
  • 2Material: Nylon Braided Jacket
  • 3Output: 5V = 3A
  • 4Transfer speed: 480Mbps
Quick Syncing
Micro USB Plug in, chill out.

Our Micro USB cable is perfectly made from high quality ingredients and offer smooth and quick charging and data transferring for smartphones, tablets, music players, cameras, and more.

  • 1Safe charging for mobiles and tablets
  • 2Combines charging and data transferring
  • 3High transmission speeds
  • 4Ultra flexible
  • 5Super quality conductor
  • 1Type: Micro USB 2.0, Type A
  • 2Material: Nylon Braided Cable
  • 3Connectivity: Data Sync & Charging